“The general principles upon which the Fathers achieved independence were
the general principals of Christianity" -John Adams

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sorry for the very extended break in posting. In focusing on school I'm not finding a lot of extra time for posting (surprise surprise ;) Until the summer (when I will officially publish my overviews of the seven principles) I will be posting news articles periodically via facebook but they will still appear on the blog. Thanks for your patience. Just wanted to explain what's going on.


  1. Hi Emily!

    If you set up your blog with networked blogs on facebook you can post here at your blog and then set it up to automatically or manually be posted to your facebook wall!

    I use it for my blog

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts!



  2. Hi Emily! It's Corey from the PAG class, just letting you know that I joined your cause "15 Minutes to Change a Nation" on Facebook and I'm in the process of getting my friends and family to join the cause.

    Looking forward to hearing your overview of the principles,


  3. Hi Emily!
    I'm Harrison, one of Mr. Gilmore's students, I really like your blog!


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